Antidote is a limited edition store that is periodically released in the Starplaza. All items are based on the clothing of various celebrities, including fashion collections. The stock is limited much like LE, Young Hollywood, and Strike a Pose, but is significantly cheaper to make it more affordable for users. Currently, all users have the privilege to purchase items from this shop, and all items cost Stardollars. There are a total of fourteen Antidote collections.

Antidote was first released on the 18th of March in 2009 and was exclusive to Superstar members. Antidote was Stardoll's answer to the plethora of users who considered LE to be too expensive, and so the release was considered as a cheaper option. The first collection featured a small section of clothes for boys, which was the first time limited edition clothing was released for males. The theme for the first collection was denim, and much of the clothing featured the typical blue fabric.

The second collection of Antidote was released on the 11th of November in 2009, and was also exclusive to Superstars. This was 8 months after the initial release of the collection, and each of the fashion items were inspired by various artists. The Damien Hurst Triangle Purse is currently the rarest item from this collection with only 500 pieces available.

The third collection, named Antidote Spring, was released on the 27th of April in 2010, which was only a 5 month wait compared to the previous wait period. Each of the clothing pieces in this collection had over 2000 units, which made it much less limited than its previous counterparts. This was true for all items except two dolls that were 100 Stardollars each and only available in 150 units, making them the rarest items from the collection. The theme of this collection was very sweet and bubbly, and included extremely vibrant colours and patterns, similar to the decor line Kitsch.

The fourth collection was released on July 5th 2010, and was considered a 'recoloured' edition of Antidote. This collection featured other common Starplaza clothes from different brands which were redesigned and then rereleased. This was the first time that interior pieces were introduced into Antidote, and were also the only items in this collection that were not redesigned and taken from another piece of decor. 

The fifth collection of Antidote was released January 13th, 2011. This was a big improvement to the fourth collection and sold out a lot quicker. It also included interior, and many more dresses than previous collections. 

The sixth collection of Antidote took an extremely long time to be released; an entire year after the fifth collection, in January 2012. This time, the collection had a carnival theme and included vibrant images of a carousel, a circus tent and a freakshow, all behind the various fashion pieces. Many of the pieces were wild and full of pattern and colour, which had not been seen at such a large scale since Antidote's Spring collection. It was an enormous improvement from the previous collections, and this was ultimately due to its long release time. This gave Stardoll more time to reinvent Antidote as a limited edition fashion brand, and allowed them to produce higher quality clothes for users to enjoy.

The seventh collection of Antidote was much quicker to be released, and was available to all users on the 21st of June, 2012. This particular collection housed a very exclusive dress known as the Pink Water Dress that had only 100 units available. It was located on the third floor of the collection and has become a very hard to find item. This collection was inspired by Las Vegas and included the famous Nevada sign in the background of the first floor, including desert areas and a roadtrip car. It included a lot of vibrant colours and designs, many of which were swimsuits and large hats to tie in with the Las Vegas theme of hot weather.

The eigth collection of Antidote was released on the 29th of January, 2013 and had an outdoor retro theme. This was the first collection to feature animated interior items, and the clothing items were themed with hot pink, black, and white as their main colours, with only three pieces out of the whole collection being a different colour (blue).

The nineth collection was released only a short amount of time later, on the 23rd of March, 2013. Full of neon colour, this collection is the most vibrant to date, and each floor had its own theme, mostly revolving around a typical night out (with many short dresses and neon colours). 

The tenth collection of Antidote was released October 1st, 2014, and was inspired by Moschino. It is considered one of the best collections due to its class and high-fashion design, with some of the pieces having a very elegant and fancy style. 

The eleventh collection was released on the 13th of February 2015. Due to its close release to Valentine's Day, much of the collection was inspired by the romantic day, and included lots of red and heart shaped prints. The entire collection was inspired by many fashion designers such as Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Burberry Prorsum. 

The twelth collection of Antidote was released on September 21st, 2015. The name of this collection was 'POP' and it was considered a 'mini collection' due to the release only containing 20 different pieces. It was displayed through two storefronts rather than a shop floor, because of its very limited variety. A majority of the clothing pieces were inspired by Moschino and Libertine, and each piece had approximately 300 units. The Moto Maxi Dress and the Chained Mega Platforms were an exception, with 900 units each.

The thirteenth collection was released on the 1st of February 2016. The entire collection is displayed in one large warehouse in the Starplaza, and includes a camo theme. Prices range between 15 and 150 Stardollars, making it affordable for all types of users. The Belted Cozy Cardigan, Sky High Orange Heels, Polo Camo Weekender, LV Inspired Drawstring Bag and the Antidote Bucket Bag are all exclusive to Superstar members only, whilst the Antidote Chain Necklace is available for Royalty members only. All the items in this release are inspired by real life versions of themselves, notably modeled in Louis Vutton's, Versace's, Michael Kors and Vivienne Westwoods Spring 2016 collection. 

The fourteenth collection was released on May 20th, 2016. The collection had a similar theme to the thirteenth collection, featuring a similar warehouse theme accompanied by some nautical and aviation influences. All items in this collection were available to all members; Superstar or not. Some of the pieces were inspired by various designers such as Michael Kors, Vaccarello, Givenchy and Margiela. All the items in this collection have currently sold out.

The fifteenth collection of Antidote was released on September 23rd, 2016. This collection was very high fashion and featured many fashionable couture pieces that were not common in the earlier collections. The brand began to move towards a more LE-inspired direction that featured less bold patterns and colours in exchange for more neutral tones. 

The sixteenth collection of Antidote was released December 10th, 2016. Featuring the same neutral tones as the most recent collections, it also had a few bright stand out pieces such as the neon yellow turtleneck and large orange overcoat. The Tied Plaid Shirt sold out first with only 400 pieces of the item available. The orange overcoat was inspired by Acne Studios, a luxury fashion house based in Stockholm, Sweden. One of the models in the collection was actually Miss Stardoll World 2016 winner, nicholbarbie. Prices ranged between 29sd - 95sd.

The seventeeth collection of Antidote was released February 18th, 2017. It was called the 'Capsule Collection' and featured many black pieces with a few pink accent pieces. On the mannequin on the left, the back piece of the jacket (between the legs) was actually not included when purchased. It was not available as an extra item and many users felt cheated out of the incorrectly advertised item. Even today, it has still not been fixed. The prices ranged between 26sd - 92sd, which is now a common price point for Antidote clothing.

The eighteenth collection of Antidote was released May 26th, 2017. Again it featured many black pieces but also more colourful additions such as a yellow flowery dress, pink jackets and skirts, and a large blue handbag. Prices ranged between 30sd - 105sd.

The nineteenth collection of Antidote was released on November 3rd, 2017. 

The 20th collection of Antidote was released in March 2018, and included only one floor. Prices ranged between 43sd - 100sd.