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The DKNY Scuba Dress

DKNY was a real brand store first released in the Starplaza in 2007. Based on the real life couture company DKNY by Donna Karen, the store has become one of the most well known stores in Stardolls history due to its association with the DKNY Scuba Dress (commonly referred to as the rarest item in the game). The first collection of DKNY was released in 2007 and featured many hot pink and black pieces, including sequins, hearts and stripes. Due to Stardoll's smaller player base at the time, these items have become hard to find and are generally quite expensive to purchase. There have been a total of seven DKNY collections since its farewell from the Starplaza in 2010. All the items in these collections were sold for Stardollars only, since Starcoins were not officially released until 2011.

The First Collection


The Falling Flowers Blouse

The first DKNY collection, released in 2007, is considered the rarest of all. Featuring hot pink and black pieces, sequins, hearts and stripes, this collection was released in a time when Stardoll had very few members, making many of the pieces incredibly hard to find. A common misconception is that the DKNY Scuba Dress is the rarest item, which is actually not true. The Falling Flowers top, which was not in the collection itself, but actually only purchasable through searching for it in the Starplaza, is the rarest item in this collection with very few users still owning the item.

The first floor of the collection featured the Skyscraper Dress and the Heart Print Scarf. It was not until later on, when Stardoll introduced the second floor, that the famous Scuba Dress would be released. Interestingly, the Heart Print scarf was supposed to be released as a Hot Buys item, but this was changed when DKNY decided to partner with Stardoll and create their own store. This ultimately meant that the Heart Print scarf had an identical copy that was released under Pretty n' Pink (now Pretty n' Love).

As well as a rare collection, there is also a rare DKNY Bike that was distributed through a competition to promote healthy bike riding. Users were asked to create their best outfit using the DKNY collection. The winners chosen by Callie.Stardoll received the DKNY Bike and a large sum of Stardollars. 

  • The rarest DKNY collection from 2007
  • The rarest DKNY collection from 2007

The Second Collection

The second collection of DKNY was released November 2007, around 8 months after the first release. This collection featured a lot of red, black and white, which differed from the hot pink in the first collection. The items in this release are also very rare, but are not as sought after as the previous items. The rarest item in this collection is considered to be the Dip Dye V-Neck Dress, followed by the DKNY Logo Beret and the DKNY Black Bow Tie Platforms. Due to its release so early into Stardoll's inception, images of the store are not in the best quality.

The Third, Fourth and Fifth Collections

The third collection of DKNY was released in the Spring/Summer of 2008. This was soon followed by the fourth collection, and both of them stayed in the Starplaza together. The third collection had a visible orange and black theme, with patterned prints and long dresses and shirts. It was a lot smaller than previous collections, but equally as stylish.

The fourth collection, as mentioned earlier, was merged into the third collection and stayed in the Starplaza together. The colour scheme for this release was pink, grey and black, highlighting the Summer theme. The Floral Print Blouse is considered the rarest item from this collection.

After the release of the fifth collection, the third collection was removed from the Starplaza whilst the fourth stayed on the last level. The fifth collection included two new floors of items, with the first floor featuring a green and brown theme. The second floor was a lot more colourful, featuring lots of blue, pink, brown and black, as well as an array of patterns and a mixture of dresses and jumpsuits. A mix up occurred during the release of the fifth collection, and many of the items were accidentally sold for 0 Stardollars. This was soon fixed once the issue was found.

  • The third collection of DKNY
  • The fourth collection of DKNY
  • The fourth collection of DKNY (cont.)
  • The fifth collection of DKNY
  • The fifth collection of DKNY (cont.)

The Sixth Collection

The sixth collection of DKNY was known as DKNY's 20th Anniversary collection, and was released in Spring 2009. There were many different items in this release, which encouraged mixing and matching the pieces to create unique outfits. The first floor featured an array of orange, blue, black and yellow pieces, whilst the second floor was full of dark blue and pastel yellow. The colour combinations were an interesting choice, but it was overall a successful collection. The DKNY Ikat Print Dress, DKNY Twill Colorblock Dress and the DKNY Sky Print Party Dress are considered the rarest pieces from the release.

During the release of the anniversary collection, Stardoll introduced a Gift-O-Meter full of DKNY items. If a user spent up to 200 Stardollars in the Starplaza, they received a DKNY bag, 2 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes, a DKNY shirt and an exclusive DKNY interior.

The Seventh Collection

The seventh collection of DKNY was the last collection ever released. It was removed sometime in 2010, after an announcement made by Stardoll signaling that it was to be removed May 1st, and giving users the chance to purchase any last items from the final collection. The DKNY Striped Button Up Cardigan and the DKNY Big Black Wool Scarf are considered the rarest items in this release, followed by the three coloured hair bows - green, red and gold.

  • The farewell promo for DKNY