Decade of the Teens was a store released in the Starplaza on December 28th, 2009. Before its release, on December 2nd, an image was posted on the front page advertising an upcoming design contest. Superstar users were asked to sketch their own designs in real life, upload them, and submit them to the contest page. Since this was before the days of StarDesign, this was the only way that users were able to design their own creations. A multitude of users submitted their sketches, but once the winners were announced, it became apparent that many of the submissions were taken from other online sources, which resulted in a lot of cheating. This was not initially picked up by Stardoll, but after community backlash, the designs were removed and new winners were announced.

After the mix up, the store was officially released on December 28th, 2009, including three stores full of user-submitted designs. Not everything had been resolved just yet, as it came to light that a dress released in the collection was also copied, but Stardoll did not remove this dress from the game due to it already being released in the store. The store was removed a few months later, and did not return for a second collection.