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Limited Edition Decor (also known as LE Decor) is a limited store in the Starplaza that is periodically released. LE Decor specialises in interior and decor items that users can place in their suite. The stock is limited, much like LE, Young Hollywood, Runway, Strike a Pose and Antidote. LE Decor is the only decor range that has limited stock. All items are based on real life fashion and furniture collections made by various designers and artists. Currently, the store is only open to Superstar members, and all items cost Stardollars. There are a total of eleven collections of LE Decor.

LE Decor was first introduced on the 8th of March, 2011 - 3 years after the initial release of its fashion counterpart, LE. It was a considerably large first collection, with four levels of furniture for users to purchase. Some of the items were animated, such as the Shower and the Lavatory on the third floor. The items themselves had an abstract minimalist theme, featuring pieces with hard lines and jaggered edges.

The second collection of LE Decor was released on the 24th of October, 2011. The collection featured more animated items, with the Blue Elevator on the third floor being the most sought after item. The abstract theme became more prevalent in this collection, with many of the pieces featuring less pattern, but more shape.

The third collection of LE Decor was released on the 5th of April, 2012. This collection had a vibrant blue theme, with many of the pieces featuring a blue pattern and texture. The release also featured more animated items, such as the computer monitor and a second elevator. The release also featured 3 special items that were available through using Facebook's currency to purchase them, but this exclusive deal was only available for 3 days. After the 3 days were over, the items were added to the original collection for those who could not complete the offer and for those who preferred to buy the items with Stardollars.

  • The special Facebook offer

The fourth collection of LE Decor was released on December 7th, 2012. The theme for this collection was Christmas, but it featured less red and green and more light pinks and blues. The soft, pastel colours of the items blended together to form an elegant and dainty collection.

The fifth collection of LE Decor was released on April 19th, 2013. The collection featured bright colours, gold & black trim, crazy patterns and shiny pieces. The 80s Rock theme flowed through each level and created a crazy atmosphere that was completely different to the previous girly collection.

The sixth collection of LE Decor was released on the 22nd of November, 2013. This collection went back to its classy and elegant roots, featuring gold trim, soft colours, and lots of bling. The items themselves were inspired by an apartment in Paris. This was a much smaller collection, with only two levels of decor.

The seventh collection of LE Decor was released on February 14th, 2014. The theme for this collection was Valentine's Day, and featured a plethora of reds, hearts, lip prints and pink.  The release featured only one level of decor, making it the smallest collection of its kind since its initial release in March 2011.

On December 8th 2014, the eighth collection of LE Decor was released, this time with a festive Christmas theme. The prices for this collection ranged between 29 Stardollars to 145 Stardollars, featuring a holiday design that was not seen in the previous Christmas collection. The cabin backdrop was accompanied by large cushioned armchairs, wreaths, garlands, snow globes and Christmas trees.

The ninth collection of LE Decor was released the following year, on April 9th 2015. The theme of this collection was old Paris, featuring Parisian buildings, cobbled paths, and dainty outdoor furniture in a beautiful coral blue. The collection captured the romantic essence of Paris, including flowerpots, motorcycles and bicycles, extravagant chandeliers and street signs. The prices varied between 20 and 119 Stardollars.

The tenth collection of LE Decor was released 5 months later on September 11th, 2015. The collection was named Palm Springs, featuring an outdoor setting lined with deck chairs, a barbecue, palm trees and refreshments. The prices ranged between 15 and 100 Stardollars. The rarest item in this collection is the Palm Tree, with only 300 units available. The wall deck was allowed to be purchased more than once, making it the first item in LE Decor to have the quantity option. 

The eleventh collection was released January 8th, 2016. The entire collection was inspired by Dior, and the prices ranged between 15 and 120 Stardollars. This was the first collection to feature purchasable clothing, separating it from the traditional LE Brand. The most limited item in this collection is known as the Modern Classic LE Perfume, with only 300 units available. The 3 chairs: LE Classic Cream Armchair, Ultra Modern LE Chair and the LE Dior Inspired Chair, were all allowed to be purchased more than once each. Currently, the entire collection has sold out.

The twelfth collection, and also the most recent, was released August 19th 2016 - over 8 months since the last release in January. The entire collection was based on Giorgio Armani, and the prices ranged between 27 and 194 Stardollars. This collection also featured purchasable clothing, with a black blazer, suit pants and a necklace and scarf included. Currently, there are some items in the collection still available for purchase in the Starplaza.