The Starblog is a blog made up of user submitted articles that are chosen by Stardoll Staff before being posted. Over 1700 articles have been posted as of February 2016. Articles are only able to be submitted to the Starblog by users who have applied and are accepted by Stardoll staff.


The Starblog was originally created as a news hub where Stardoll staff could post contest information. Celebrity news was soon added to the agenda, with Callie.Stardoll as editor. Singingmermaid was the first non-staff member to have a Starblog spot, with her first post in 2008. Many Starbloggers have been appointed and removed since then.


As very few members are accepted to the Starblog, there are many myths and misconceptions around how it is run.

Superstar is required


While many dolls believe only Superstar or Royalty dolls are accepted as Starbloggers, the truth is that any doll can become a Starblogger, as long as they have an advanced blog and post regularly.

It is a paid role


Contrary to popular opinion, Starbloggers are not paid to write articles in any way. In fact, they have to fund any posts out of their own pocket, including photo filters and Starplaza items to review.

You can post whenever

Many dolls think that Starbloggers are able to post directly to the Starblog, but this is not true. They actually have to post to their normal blog and tick a box that sends the post to Stardoll Staff, who choose which posts to publish.


Notable Starbloggers

There have been several notable Starbloggers who have inspired users or caused controversy.



BeatrixJane was a Starblogger in 2014. She was known for starting out as a level 13, non Superstar member and approaching many important real life topics like mental health issues. While many dolls appreciated the honesty in her writing, other members went out of their way to write hate comments. BeatrixJane's replies to these comments ultimately resulted in her removal from the Starblog. This was contested by many dolls who appreciated her critical, true to life view, but Stardoll did not repeal the decision. The account BeatrixJane is now mostly unused, and the user now plays Stardoll using a new account.



Spindla was promoted to Starblogger in 2015, but was demoted only days later due to other users claiming she had been copying her posts almost directly from other websites and online blogs. After investigation by Stardoll, it was found that the majority of her posts were indeed plagiarised, and all her articles on the Starblog were deleted. She continues to play Stardoll with the same account as of February 2016, and regularly posts a mix of copied and original content in her blog.